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LFOD Radio broadcasts Tuesdays from 9-10pm on 91.5FM in Boston, MA. We are dedicated to providing a platform for independent voices in New England & beyond.

In addition to spinning records, we sit down for in-depth interviews with artists which are then uploaded here, as well as Itunes, Google Play, Stitcher, etc…

We are focused on building a community amongst our collaborators, so you will often see artists return for cyphers, live shows, and more. We encourage them to build with each other as well.

Aug 30, 2017

Real P drops in to discuss his new album Same Ole Jazz, his history on the Boston music scene, why he wants out of #BeardGang & more. Take a listen- you'll learn something.

LFOD Radio broadcasts live every Tuesday at 7pm on 91.5FM in Boston. Learn more at